Third-Party Software

Universal Biosensors gratefully acknowledges the software development efforts of the Open Source community.

Certain software components, identified below, are licensed to Universal Biosensors by third parties (“Licensors”) and are incorporated by Universal Biosensors in our Software. As incorporated in our Software, these components are sub-licensed by Universal Biosensors to its End Users. The applicable provisions in the documents and files provided below are included in these sub-licenses.

Each software component below specifies various details about the sub-licensed component. “Version” is the version number designated by its Licensor. “Universal Biosensors’ Version” is the version number designated by Universal Biosensors for the Universal Biosensors Software in which the third party component is incorporated. “Project Page” provides links to source code the Licensor has made available. “Links to License Terms” specifies the identity of the Licensor, applicable Licensor trademarks, and supplemental license provisions required by the Licensor.

If “Source Code Status” indicates source code has been modified, Universal Biosensors will make the corresponding source code available on request. Products may be part of the same environment under which we will provide the common components.

In order to receive information supplied by our licensors, including access to the original source code and Universal Biosensors’ extensions and modifications to that source code, please contact us (in compliance with applicable licenses), and include the packages/components you are requesting.

Please note: your use, modification or further distribution of this source code, or modified versions of this source code, is subject to the terms and conditions provided by the Licensor of the Third Party Software. Your request of this information signifies that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Library NameVersion (if available)Brief DescriptionProject PageLicenseLinks to License TermsSource Code StatusUniversal Biosensors’ Version
jQueryv3.2.1jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library License modifiedSotto LCM
Chart.jsv2.7Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers License modifiedSotto LCM
Linux kernel-basev4.9Linux kernel for Microchip SoC (aka AT91) General Public License – Version 2 by Universal BiosensorsSotto LCM

The posted files and documents address Universal Biosensors’ products and versions currently available. If you are using a Universal Biosensors product with a Universal Biosensors’ Version number preceding that listed here, or a Universal Biosensors product which is not listed, please contact us for the applicable details.