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Hemostasis Reference Laboratory

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“Coagulation analyzer for fast and reliable PT/INR testing”

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Point of use devices

Develops hand-held portable devices incorporating state-of-the-art signal processing with rich, touchscreen-based user interfaces in products that are robust enough to withstand vigorous requirements.

Bringing technology to market

Our technology platform has delivered more than 10 billion diagnostic tests to patients worldwide in glucose and coagulation products. We will continue to lead the charge in advancing biosensors technology for point-of-use monitoring in existing and new applications.

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UBI’s core technology consists of a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which incorporates a proprietary electrochemical sensing system using opposing electrodes that rapidly and accurately detects specific analytes in samples as small as a droplet (8 μL).

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Hemostasis Reference Laboratory (HRL) is a specialized laboratory with a long history of assisting clients with study design and assay selection to help ensure the best possible outcomes.