Sentia™ Analyzer

Product Code: 90200

The Sentia analyzer measures free SO₂, malic acid, glucose, fructose, acetic acid and titratable acidity in the winery.

With a rich touchscreen display and long battery life, the Sentia system makes it easy for you to achieve rapid test results wherever and whenever you need.

Sentia Device


Icon Rapid Results

Rapid results for fast decisions

Sentia Icon Portable

Hand-held size lets you analyze in the winery

Sentia Icon Wifi

Upload results to a PC, tablet or phone via Wi-Fi

Sentia Icon Touch

Touchscreen display

Sentia Icon Battery

More than 100 free SO₂ tests on a single charge

Sentia Icon Microscope

Reproducible results comparable to other test methods

Sentia Icon Numn 123

Easy and intuitive use for any team member

Sentia Icon Spin

Auto-calibrating (no calibration needed)


  • Works with Sentia™ Test Strips only
  • Measuring range:
    • Free SO₂: 3 – 50 mg/L
    • Malic acid: 0.05 – 5 g/L
    • Glucose: 0.1 – 10 g/L
    • Fructose: 0.1 – 10 g/L
    • Acetic acid: 0.1 – 1.5 g/L
    • Titratable acidity: 3 – 10 g/L
  • Stores up to 1000 test results for reviewing or downloading
  • Long battery life
  • 7 cm (2.7 in) touchscreen colour display
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity (2.4GHz only)
  • Convenient strip eject mechanism
  • Light and portable – 210g /15 cm x 8.4 cm x 3.2 cm (7.5 oz /5.8 in x 3.4 in x 1.3 in)
  • Designed for a wide range of environments
  • Ambient temperature range: 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F)

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