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Blood Glucose
Monitoring System

The PETRACKR® Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring System is specifically calibrated for cats and dogs. The starter kit and PETRACKR® App allows pet parents to easily track, monitor and share their pet’s blood glucose results with their veterinarian. The analyzer is Bluetooth enabled to connect with the PETRACKR® mobile app to track, download and share the pet’s blood glucose results, insulin doses, meals, and exercise routine.

PETRACKR® analyzer

The PETRACKR® analyzer is a handheld Point of Care analyzer that manages multiple pet profiles to accurately track, monitor and share pet’s blood glucose results. The power of a lab in the palm of your hand with hands free strip eject button. Fast and accurate results logged on the analyzer and shared via Bluetooth to the PETRACKR® mobile app. Calibrated for cats and dogs with no coding.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x PETRACKR® blood glucose analyzer and user guide
  • 100 x lancets
  • 1 x lancet device and instructions for use
  • 1 x mid control solution (packaged separately)
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Compared to laboratory analyzers

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Rapid results

A few seconds to get a result with a small sample site

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Safe to handle

Eject button for sample disposal

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Easy to use

Analyzer and app data collection and management

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No coding

Auto-calibrated for cats and dogs

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Smart phone app

Customizable pet