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“Sentia has been an awesome investment.  It is quick, accurate and simple to use and made us much more confident during our racking.  We would highly recommend this unit to any winery looking for a simple yet accurate method of testing their wines.”

Don Corson
Camaraderie Cellars - Port Angeles, WA

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“Using the Sentia has been fantastic! It has meant that I am able to assess our grape juice and wine more frequently as well as increased the turn around time with results. Ultimately saving on time and enabling better wine making decisions”

Brad Atkins
Owner / Vigneron
Steels Gate Wines

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“The Sentia has the features I have been looking for in a wine analyzer. It is fast, easy to use and does not require calibration. As a winery consultant, I value the elimination of variables that exist between the lab of one winery and another. As a winery owner, I value Sentia’s ease of use and speed. I will be recommending Sentia for all my clients.”

John Levenberg
Co-Owner & East Coast Consultant
The Wine Collective - Baltimore, MD 21211

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“I hardly need any lab equipment anymore with my new Sentia. Faster, easier, and more accurate. This thing is the future.”

Tyler Farnsworth
Winemaker - Laterus Winery - Washington

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“The Sentia device has cut my free SO₂ testing time by 75%. A job that used to take me 2 days without the Sentia now only takes a half day! The Sentia is so fast and efficient we have opted to double the amount of testing we do in our barrel program. The unit is portable so if we have any concerns about a tank or barrel it can be tested right away out of the tasting valve or on top of the barrel stack if needed.”

John Neufeld
Palatine Hills Estate Winery - Niagara, Ontario, Canada

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“The Sentia device has been a joy to use as it is so intuitive and very quick. I mainly use it for free sulphur analysis and comparing the Sentia against other methods, aspiration and autotitration, I would recommend the Sentia unit hands down. I cannot even begin to calculate the amount of hours saved in the lab because of Sentia.”

Riley Hollenbach
Bartier Bros

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“ Sentia is so easy.  I save a bunch of time, a bunch of money, I do less work & it’s perfectly accurate.  Every winemaker needs one, there’s no question.” 

Sandor Faludi
Prohibition Cellars - Woodinville, WA

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I saw Sentia first on social media and when I told my wife about it she said, “that’s too good to be true!” Then Piers from Grapeworks showed me a demo unit and we bought one immediately. It’s so quick to use we now test every tank and barrel instead of sampling to get an average, so we know we’re making better wine. It just makes such a difference in terms of the degree of control you have over the production process. My father-in-law has been making wine for 40 years and has always been sceptical of new technology. When he used Sentia the first few times he was instantly converted!

Stephanie Helm and Ben Osborne
Winemaker and Viticulturist
Vintners Daughter, Canberra wine district, Murrumbateman

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“The Sentia is so accurate, quick and easy to use. It has to be too good to be true. I’ve been using the AO method to measure sulfur in wine every month for the past 12 years, I’m excited to have this amazing new addition to the laboratory here at EFESTE!”

Mark Fiore
EFESTE - Woodinville Washington

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The Vineyards At Mt. Naomi Farms

“The Sentia is fast, simple and above all convenient. It has been great to have a handheld tool that our staff can manage as easily as a pH meter. With the addition of malic acid testing, it will be worth every penny.”

Keith Meikle
The Vineyards at Mt. Naomi Farms - Hyde Park, Utah, USA

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“Sentia has fundamentally changed the way I work in the winery. I can check free SO₂ almost instantly, on a tiny sample, with no concern about calibration or my consistency with test equipment. With the addition of tests for malic acid, glucose and fructose at the end of the year, I would consider it unusual for a winery not to be using Sentia.”

Chris Carpenter
Lark Hill Biodynamic Winery

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“Sentia is easy to use and provides quick, accurate results. But what’s exciting is the potential for future testing. For all the tests this unit will do makes it a smart, affordable choice for any size winery. Takes up very little space in the lab and handheld for portable testing in the cellar.”

Chris Eberle
Eberle Winery - Paso Robles, California

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“The ability to run both free SO₂ and malic acid on the same device in a matter of seconds, and tracking the wine through Elevage makes Sentia an attractive tool in our winery. Coupled with its ease of use and on demand and just in time results it makes timely additions, avoiding issues down the road, easier than its ever been for us. The Sentia device frees up time and delays from waiting on shipped sample results to come in. Considering the origin of the technology in the healthcare industry we can see why the results are so precise and quick. It’s becoming an invaluable winery assistant for me.”

JW Ray
Owner and Winemaker
JOLO Winery and Vineyards
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

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“In the past I used a titrator for SO₂ measurements, but it was tedious and time consuming, so when I saw the Sentia unit I was super excited! Now it’s easy, it takes less than a minute to measure a sample, AND I have a record of it in the unit without additional work. The addition of acids and sugars tests will multiply the Sentia’s usefulness. Best wine lab purchase ever!”

Gail Nordlof
Co-owner & Winemaker
Northleaf Winery -Milton, Wisconsin, USA

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“The Sentia free sulphur test and malic acid test has been a great addition to my winemaking tool kit. Ease of use, accuracy and affordability has made the unit indispensable for my day to day winemaking. I have been extremely happy with the performance of the Sentia unit and would recommend it to any winemaker anywhere. Cheers!”

Scot Covington
Trione Vineyards and Winery - Geyserville – California

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“The Sentia free SO₂ measurement tool has been a boon to a small winery like us who does not have a full lab. We can get immediate results at lower costs than outside labs—it was a no-brainer purchase that is going to improve our wine quality by allowing for more frequent testing and thus better SO₂ protection of my wines.”

Carol Shelton
Winemaker - President
Carol Shelton Wines - Santa Rosa - California

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“For us, this innovative and simple to use device has taken our task of free SO₂ monitoring from a two-week process down to two days.”

Don Schroeder
Sea Smoke – Santa Rita Hills – Santa Barbara – California

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Tercero Wines

“The Sentia device has been a game-changer for me. Checking Free SO₂ levels is an integral part of the winemaking process on a year-round basis, and this device puts the power of convenience and immediacy in my hands. I can check in on individual barrels or tanks or do composite checks any time that I’d like at a fraction of the cost of having a third party lab run the same analysis. I highly recommend this device to small and medium size wineries that value maintaining quality in their wines.”

Larry Schaffer
Owner and winemaker
Tercero Wines - Los Olivos – California

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Crittendon Estate

“Sentia has been a fantastic tool for us. It’s fast and reliable, and ultimately means less time in the lab which is great for us as winemakers.”

Rollo Crittenden
Proprietor and Winemaker
Crittenden Estate

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Yarra Edge Wine

“Sentia is a great innovation. It’s really important to have an analysis tool that is compact so the portability feature is great. Compared to A/O, it is such a time saver – we can do a round of free sulfur testing in the winery in just over an hour so it frees up time to focus on other quality measures. You don’t need to be trained to use it so we can give the task to anyone in the winery and we know the result will be the same. When the sugars and malic tests become available Sentia will be irreplaceable.”

Lucas Hoorn
Vineyard Manager
Yarra Edge Vineyard

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The most convenient wine analysis tool available

The Sentia Analyzer measures free SO₂, malic acid, glucose, fructose and acetic acid in the winery. With a rich touchscreen display and long re-chargeable battery life, the Sentia system makes it easy for you to achieve rapid test results in minutes, wherever and whenever you need.

The Sentia Analyzer measures a range of critical wine parameters in the winery. With a rich touchscreen display and long re-chargeable battery life, the Sentia system makes it easy for you to achieve rapid test results in minutes, wherever and whenever you need.

Sentia Device
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Rapid results for fast decisions

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Auto calibrating

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Take Sentia™
everywhere you go

Sentia™ is light and portable. We’ve made sure it works just as well in your office as it does beside the barrel. With a footprint like your smartphone and battery life you can rely on, it is easy to carry wherever you need it.

Rapid results for immediate action

A small sample drop delivered to a Sentia test strip delivers a rapid and meaningful result for immediate answers.

No calibration. No reagents*

Avoid having to do time-consuming and inconsistent calibrations with Sentia. Calibrations of Sentia test strips are performed at the Universal Biosensors ISO 13485 accredited facility in Melbourne, Australia, so you can focus on the results that matter to you.

*The Sentia™ Analyzer will need to be connected to Wi-Fi every three months in order to automatically acquire the latest calibration data for our Sentia™ test strip batches, although we recommend you connect whenever convenient.

Save on costs

Sentia is designed for use in the winery – at the barrel, tank or bottling line – so you won’t need to send samples off to the lab. Save on testing costs, logistics and time and take back control of your winemaking process.

Measurements in 3 simple steps

You might be amazed how easy we’ve made it to go from a sample to a measured concentration. The three steps below are all it takes.

Step1 Step1 Rollover

1. Insert a Sentia™ Test Strip

Step2 Step2 Rollover

2. Apply the sample

Step3 Step3 Rollover

3. Read the result