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We are a specialized laboratory with a long history of assisting clients with study design and assay selection to ensure the best possible outcomes. Big or small, we handle it all.

Clinical trials and drug development

HRL supports contract research organizations, central laboratories, early phase clinics, pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies and academic researchers conducting clinical trials. We offer a specialized test menu with many possible instrument/reagent combinations allowing for custom tailored laboratory projects. We are also available to provide local logistics, shipping and handling in support of clinical projects.

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Academic and private research

HRL was founded as part of the world renowned research community in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and continues to partner with local and international academic centres in the advancement of science in hemostasis and thrombosis through research projects.

Reagent analysis

With coagulation analyzers representing every major device manufacturer, HRL has the ability to provide value assignments and flexible product research and validation testing.

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ISI Testing

We perform assignments for thromboplastin reagents and point of care INR devices. HRL is one of only a few independent laboratories in the world to perform these assignments according to the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol.

Pharma solutions, partnerships and specimen collections

HRL can provide pharmaceutical research lab support and clinical services, product development, product construction, kit development, device research and development.

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Advantages of the HRL MSD multiplex

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  • Accurately target low analyte levels in minimum sample volumes
  • Robust matrix tolerance including biological fluids (serum, urine, CSF ), tissue culture media, as well as complex biological matrices
  • 5-Log+ dynamic range: simultaneous comparison of pertinent cytokines, chemokines and other biomarkers in samples from diseased and normal patients at different intervals
  • Extensive menu of validated multiplex cytokine panels
  • Ability to add signature panels and develop custom assays

Laboratory Services

HRL offers multiplex cytokine analysis on the MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM technology platform to address specific project application:

  • assay validation and analysis
  • consultation for study design
  • consultation to ensure proper sample collection and storage
  • technical and professional support for report and manuscript submissions

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