Prof. Michael Cooper

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A/Prof Cooper graduated from Sydney University in 1984 and received his Fellowship qualification in 1995. He spent an extensive time training in endoscopic surgery in Europe, the United Kingdom and America. His major interest is in the treatment of endometriosis particularly requiring advanced surgical and/or assisted reproductive techniques (IVF). He is a strong advocate of specialist endometriosis management teams.

The recent class action relating to the use of vaginal mesh for the treatment of prolapse and urinary incontinence has seen an increasing number of patients and doctors asking for advice in relation to alternative procedures. Associate Prof Cooper was one of the earliest adoptors of laparoscopic surgery in this field and several of these procedures utilising native tissue, including colposuspension, have now become increasingly viable. A/Prof Cooper believes many prolapse procedures can be performed meshfree. 

A/Prof. Cooper’s multidisciplinary background allows him to provide a patient centred, continuing, comprehensive care that meets patients individual needs without having to transition between specialists. The continuity of care helps patient to cope better with the challenges of endometriosis and fertility treatment by reducing stress and eliminating waiting time.

With more than two decades of experience in the field adding to his already substantial surgical skills, A/Prof. Cooper has developed a multidimensional evidence-based approach to endometriosis and fertility treatment. He often encourages patients to make simple positive lifestyle changes which can assist in managing the symptoms thus, empowering them to take control and live well with endometriosis.