Xprecia™ Liquid Quality
Controls (LQC)

PT/INR Liquid Quality Control Kit for the use with the Xprecia™ Stride and Xprecia™ Prime Coagulation Analyzer. The Xprecia™ Systems PT Controls kit contains assayed controls for the assessment of precision and accuracy in the normal (Liquid Quality Control PT1) and therapeutic (Liquid Quality Control PT2) range for the prothrombin time (PT). They must be used with the corresponding Xprecia™ PT/INR Strips for the analyzer.
Please note: The Xprecia™ Prime 4U Analyzer does not require LQCs

Each kit contains the following:
4 x PT Control 1
4 x PT Control 2
8 x 1.0 mL CaCl2 Diluent
8 x Transfer pipettes
1 x Instructions for Use

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